Green Riders: Portraits of Alternative Transportation

The average gas price in Rochester area is on rise $3.60, up 14 cents a gallon of regular in the past month. (JEFFREY BLACKWELL/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

Green Riders: Portraits of Alternative Transport

In the summer of 2008, gas prices soared to new highs in the midst of a a global recession. This video series looks at how people in Rochester found  transportation alternatives for their daily commute.

Episode 1: Portraits of Alternative Transportation

As fuel costs, parking rates and vehicle prices increased faster than budgets in a national recession, Rochester area residents found alternatives transport.

Episode 2: Pedal to Market

For some city residents a bicycle is their primary mode of transportation to market, to work and to play. 

Episode 3: Scooter Madness

When the weather is warm and the price of gas is high, some people turn to the mode of transportation used by many Europeans – the scooter.

Episode 4: Take the Bus

When gas prices soar, people look for alternative mode of transportation. One of those alternatives is the local bus system.

Episode 5: Batteries Required

Before the Tesla, and the global push for electric vehicles, there was the little Corbin Sparrow, a battery-powered one-seater designed for the city commute.

Episode 6: A Car Smart for Two

When gas prices hit the roof, consumers started to looking for more fuel efficient vehicles. The Smart Car is small and got about 40 MPH. A good little city driver for someone who does not need to haul more than a few groceries.

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