Each time I pick up a still camera, press record to capture video or sit down at the keyboard to write, the inspiration is to tell a story. My mind speaks in sequential images, an internal motion-picture of moments from what I see and experience around me, as well from the vault of an endless imagination. It is this gift of a visual mind that I bring to each project and assignment.

The communication business is a lightning-bolt of change. Innovations and trends strike hot and often with a clap of thunder. With more than 30 years of experience in this dynamic field, I have continued to evolve my skills and sail new trends. I’m an award-winning print journalist with extensive skills in photography, filmmaking, online content production, website and social-media management.

I am settled in Boston’s South Shore where I live with my wife Deborah, a talented writer and content producer. My second home is on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge where I work as a communications manager. I also engage in freelance multimedia projects.

There are so many stories to tell in this life and so many ways to communicate each experience. As you can see, this website is under construction. The effort is reflective of the time, a call to reflect, redirect and rebuild. –– Jeffrey Blackwell

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